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NSU Catalog 2021-2022 
NSU Catalog 2021-2022

Global Language and Culture (BA)

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In addition to being offered on Northern State University's main campus (Aberdeen, SD), this major is also available online.

No grade below a "C" will be accepted in a course taken to fulfill the Global Language and Culture requirements. Global Language and Culture courses not used in the major will still count in major GPA. Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in the major to meet graduation requirements.

Student Learning Outcome

  • Students will communicate and respond to issues (i.e. ethical, political, social, etc.) on a local, national, and/or global level. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Civic Knowledge and Engagement)
  • Students will identify and explain relevance of cultural perspectives. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity)
  • Students will identify and make connections between cultural artifacts (literature, art, film, digital media, etc.) and their social, historical, or political relevance. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Intercultural Knowledge)
  • Students will determine and analyze perspectives representative of a particular culture. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Inquiry and Analysis)
  • Students will utilize theories or second language development and communicate orally in a foreign language with ample vocabulary, grammatical accuracy, good pronunciation, and fluency. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity)
  • Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills. (Cross-Curricular Skill: Critical and Creative Thinking)

Program Requirements

Choose twelve (12) credits [or equivalent to four (4) semesters] in a language minor:

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Spanish.

(NOTE: a language minor is 18 credits - only 12 credits of the minor will count toward the major. With completion of the remaining minor credits, the minor will be granted with the major.)

Choose four (4) - 12 credits

Choose four (4) Language Labs - 4 credits


General Education Requirements

Baccalaureate degrees - 30 credits

Associate degrees - 24 credits

Goal #1: Written Communication (6 credits Baccalaureate/Associate)

Student enrollment in the initial English course is determined by the Board of Regents placement policy (2:7.6).

Goal #2: Oral Communication (3 credits Baccalaureate/Associate)

Goal #4: Arts and Humanities (6 credits Baccalaureate [in two disciplines]/3 credits Associate)

Baccalaureate - Six (6) credits hours (in two disciplines).

Goal #5: Mathematics (3 credits Baccalaureate/Associate)

Student enrollment in the initial Mathematics course is determined by the Board of Regents placement policy (AAC Guidelines 7.6).

Goal #6: Natural Sciences (6 credits Baccalaureate/3 Credits Associate)

Associate Degree Flexibility (3 credits)

Students have the flexibility to select an additional three credits from Goal #3, #4, or #6 with courses selected from different disciplinary prefixes.

Degree Requirements (BA) - 9 credits

Human Values (3 credits)

Arts and Humanities (6 credits)

Two additional courses from those listed in General Education Requirements Goal #4. The courses must be from different disciplines than those selected to satisfy General Education Requirements Goal #4.

A total of four courses are required for the BA degree:

  • One year sequence of a foreign language.
  • Two courses from different disciplines than foreign language.


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