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    Northern State University
  Jan 22, 2018
NSU Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies (AA)

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In addition to being offered on Northern State University’s main campus (Aberdeen, SD), this program is also available Online and in Huron.

Program Requirements

Humanities and Fine Arts

(12-14 credits, 4 courses from at least 3 categories)


Personal Wellness (2 credits)

General Electives (15-19 credits)

General electives may be selected in any school from freshman, sophomore and junior level courses where the prerequisites have been met. A maximum of 9 credits of upper-level coursework is allowed. These should be taken only after 48 hours have been completed. Approval of the student’s advisor must be obtained for every course. Courses in the associate degree will apply toward any bachelor’s degree. Students who plan to continue towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at Northern State University should include foreign language classes.

Total: 60 credits

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