NSU Catalog 2013-2014 
    Jul 20, 2024  
NSU Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology Services

Northern Educational Technology Service
(605) 626-2283
Technology Center Room 156

Debbi Bumpous (Chief Information Technology Officer)

Network and Internet Access

Northern State University has extensive digital technology resources. General access computer labs and study areas are located in the Student Center, Technology Center, and the Library. Wireless access is available in all areas across campus and wired and wireless internet access is available in all of the residence halls. Before access to the network is granted, students connecting a computer in the residence halls will be required to download and install a software program that checks the machine for current security patches and anti-virus software.

Required Technology

Northern State University’s vision is to provide an unparalleled liberal arts education and become a leading regional university integrating education and technology. To support this vision, NSU is embarking on a campus-wide mobile computing environment supported by a pervasive wireless infrastructure and strong faculty development. The goals of the initiative are threefold: 1) to promote an environment that is conducive to anytime, anywhere learning; 2) to create a more learnercentered environment; and 3) to promote acquisition of 21st century skill. Beginning in fall 2010, all incoming full-time freshmen will be required to bring a mobile device to campus. NSU provides numerous recommendations for purchasing a device, including vendors in which NSU technicians are certified to perform warranty work on. Please visit www. northern.edu and click on IT Support to review our hardware and software requirements and recommendations.

Classroom Technology

Instructional technology is available throughout the campus. Northern State University has over 50 “smart” classrooms that are equipped with multimedia presentation podiums that provide state-of-the-art audio/video and digital technologies and Internet connections. In addition, several smart rooms include interactive whiteboards. There are discipline-specific computer labs with specialized software in the art, business, chemistry, education, English, fitness, mathematics, music and physics departments. Distance delivery studios (Digital Dakota Network rooms) and selected classrooms with IP videoconference capabilities connect faculty and students to national and international resources. Northern State University also offers asynchronous and synchronous delivery of course content via web streaming and Elluminate video conferencing technology. In fact all Digital Dakota Network conferences are broadcast live, in real time, via the Internet and are available on demand via NSU’s streaming technology.

Online Resources

Many courses at Northern State University are enhanced with online course materials that provide students with convenient, 24-hour access to course notes, practice quizzes, electronic communication tools for out-of-class interaction between students and faculty, relevant Internet links, class assignments and grades. These resources are password protected and available only to enrolled students. The Beulah Williams Library has extensive online resources through its membership in the South Dakota Library Network and through subscriptions to numerous online journals and electronic databases. (See library entry under Academic Services for more information.) Library resources are accessible from all computer labs, smart classrooms and office computers on campus.

Technology Support

Technology service and support are provided to faculty, staff and students by the NET Services (Northern Educational Technology Services) division, which is administered by the Chief Information Technology Officer. The centers within NET Services include: 1) Technology Help Desk, 2) Administrative Systems, 3) Center for Instructional Design & Development, 4) Media, Instructional Technology & Distance Delivery Center, 5) Network Services and 6) Technical Services. All centers of operation for NET Services are located in the lower level, first floor and second floor of the Technology Center. Personnel for each department can be reached through the centralized Technology Help Desk at (605) 626-2283.

Technology Help Desk

Technology Center, Room 148
(605) 626-2283

Lindsey Meester, Manager

A centralized Help Desk, located in the Technology Center, Room 148, is the first point of contact for all faculty, staff and students needing technical assistance. The help desk coordinates all services provided by NET Services, and personnel can be contacted by phone at (605) 626-2283, e-mail at help@northern.edu or visiting the office at TC 148.

Administrative Systems

Technology Center, Room 268
(605) 626-2283

Joann Pomplun, Director

Administrative Systems provide support for the statewide administrative systems for finance, purchasing, human resources and student information systems. Report programs are written to meet federal, state, local and other outside reporting requirements. Other systems are also developed to meet administrative and reporting requirements. Assistance is available for student and faculty researchers, as well.

Center for Instructional Design and Development

Technology Center, Room 274
(605) 626-2283

Wendy Stubbs, Director

The Center for Instructional Design and Development (CIDD) coordinates and delivers training and assistance to faculty, staff and students in the areas of learning management systems, web site design, electronic portfolio development, standard software applications, pedagogical planning and more. In addition, the center oversees the development and quality assurance process for online course development, and administers the learning management system.

Media, Instructional Technology & Distance Delivery Center

Technology Center, Room 148
(605) 626-2283

John Romeo, Director

The Media, Instructional Technology and Distance Delivery Center (Media Services) provides the NSU campus with traditional audio-visual equipment and media production as well as the latest in digital technologies and teleconferencing equipment. Media Services houses two state-of-the-art video production studios and produces content for and administers NSUtv and NSU’s digital signage systems. Media Services personnel design, build, maintain and provide live support for NSU’s smart classrooms and video conferencing rooms. Video conferencing support includes the designing, building, maintaining and scheduling of NSU’s Digital Dakota Network (DDN) rooms, including scheduling and support for the Center for Statewide E-learning and the support and management of NSU’s web-based video conferencing initiatives. These services allow NSU faculty, students and staff to teleconference throughout the world, supporting NSU’s international and e-learning mission. Additional services include coordinating the scheduling and delivery of multimedia instructional equipment (smart carts, cameras, slide projectors, TVs etc), laminating, scanning, color printing, digital duplication and same-day checkout of digital cameras, camcorders and laptops for school-related projects.

Network Services

Technology Center, Room 271
(605) 626-2283

Jodi Casanova, Director

Network Services provides telecommunications services in support of the instructional, research and outreach missions of NSU. Network Service’s responsibilities include the management of the local NSU network (both wired and wireless), a range of wide area connections, and Internet/ Internet2 connectivity. In addition, the group manages various servers and security devices including email, Active Directory, web, firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Network) access devices and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems).

Technical Services

Technology Center, Room 159
(605) 626-2283

Tom Godfrey, Director

Technical Services provides technology services to the students, faculty and staff of NSU including maintenance and support of the institutionally owned computers and peripherals, aiding students in proper upkeep of their personally owned computing equipment, consulting with campus personnel with specialized computing issues and approving purchases of computer equipment and software to ensure compatibility with the campus-computing environment. Technical Services also maintains all general use and discipline specific computer labs across campus. Additional services include printing services and personal purchase of selected computer accessories.