NSU Catalog 2013-2014 
    Jul 20, 2024  
NSU Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

Dacotah Hall, Room 201

(605) 626-2633

Mr. Steven Rasmussen (Director); Mr. Rocky Burkett; Mr. Phillip Coghlan; Ms. Madia Droppers; Ms. Vicki Evans; Dr. Kami Fischbach; Ms. Rebecca Jensen; Ms. Jennifer Lofswold; Ms. Britt Lorenz; Ms. Rosanne Rougemont

The University College brings together all the academic support services at NSU. Students have access to a Math Center that offers assistance for students taking math and statistics courses, a Reading Center that provides comprehension strategies for content area, and a Writing Center that can assist students with assignments that involve writing for any of their classes. There are also Supplemental Instruction groups for a variety of general education courses. All services are offered free of charge.

All freshman have an advisor at the University College for their first year at NSU. In addition to assisting students in selecting, adding, and dropping classes, each semester advisors facilitate the needs of their students by making referrals to other departments as needed. By giving guidance and providing a support network, academic advisors educate students about their responsibility to, and the importance of, their education.

The University College also offers students the opportunity to participate in the learning communities it coordinates. These learning communities consist of two or three general education courses that are linked by a University Success of Freshman Seminar course. These courses teach students study skills, provide information about university resources and show students how to link their career goals with academic majors at NSU.

The University College also manages two federal TRIO Programs which are open to those students whose parents have not graduated from college and are from a low-income background, or who have a disability. The first is Student Support Services. This program provides intensive advising and tutoring through graduation. The second TRIO Program at NSU is Upward Bound. This program works with high schools in northeastern South Dakota and south-central North Dakota. It offers high school students a six-week summer college experience as well as a summer bridge program for those who have graduated from high school and are about to start taking college classes.

For more information concerning the University College, its programs and services, please contact the Office of the Director, University College, Northern State University, 1200 South Jay St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-7198. Phone number: (605) 626-2633.